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53770Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: Dog Collars and Medieval Buckles

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  • Andrea Hughett
    Jun 2 8:28 AM
      > --- Bookwyrm <bookwyrm.com@...> wrote:
      > > If I wanted to do a super-authentic dog collar
      > (which I do),
      > > Obviously, the most authentic medieval buckles
      > would be ones that
      > are surviving finds from the middle ages.

      I really don't want this read as a criticism, but I am
      interested in this as a philosophical point. In
      period, one would use a new buckle, not a
      centuries-old one. So although a surviving find gets
      full points for material, style, workmanship, etc, it
      fails on sturdiness, lack of wear and tear,
      essentially on age. So which is super-authentic, a
      surviving find or a new piece of work which copies as
      much as possible that surviving find (minus the
      ravages of the centuries)?

      The same question occurred to me while reading an
      excellent book on medieval furniture which includes
      sections on how to "age" it. If one is trying to copy
      an extant piece exactly as it is now, that makes
      sense. But it is not how the piece would have appeared
      when it was made.

      Obviously different people are going to have different
      takes on this question, but I am interested in how
      people thing about it?

      Andrea of Anglespur
      kitscaa Gwervyl verch Hywel Gwyddwyllt
      So many books, so little time!

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