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53764RE: thanks for the camp feast suggestions.

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  • llewin@comcast.net
    Jun 1, 2006
      To answer your questions, I am by no means a chef but consider myself a proficient cook.

      We will have a campfire as well as camp stove and small propane grill. Prep time was really basically 1 day or a day and a half... although I prepared some pie crusts in advance...

      I was able to get the price raised to 5 dollars a person so I had 75 to work with.

      I decided to go with the following:

      individual sized "Pyes de Pares" (this by the way turned in to a much bigger project than I expected... I am not familiar with baking so it was a learning experience

      mustard greens

      fried chicken cakes

      mashed peas

      I found the last three dishes on the miscellany site and they seem pretty straight forward...

      As I mentioned I've pre-prepped the shells for the pyes and will be prepping and/or cooking everything ahead of time and re-heating at the event site.

      Someone suggested I could use my dutch oven to reheat the pyes very easily if I placed a few sturdy sticks along the bottom to keep the pyes away from the direct heat of the metal in the oven...

      Thanks again very much (and opinions on all of the above would be welcomed always)

      Yours In Service to the Dream,

      Llewin de Wales

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