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53699RE: [Authentic_SCA] OT: Anyone in North Carolina?

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  • Terri Morgan
    May 10, 2006
      > I am currently in the contract negotiation
      > stage for a position in North Carolina, in
      > Fayetteville. If anyone is in the area,
      > please drop me a line off-list.
      > Cu respectivo, Bogdan

      Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy... now I'm gonna have to keep my fingers crossed. (I
      don't live in the area but boy do I travel there for events. Oh yes. A
      regular hotbed of SCA activity!)

      (Bogdan, if no one answers you offlist, contact me and I can get you in
      contact with others who live in the area but are not subscribed to this List
      - especially if you let me know vaguely what you're interested in.)

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