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53680Tudor food and a TOTAL SUBJECT CHANGE to Spinning thread.

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  • Justin
    May 3, 2006
      > I think it's a shame that we sanitize things so much. When
      > you're that far removed from the process, you can't appreciate what
      > goes into things.

      For the most part I agree with you, when oil become $5000 a barrel and we
      all have to walk to work and grow our own food, nothing, I mean NOTHING will
      keep me from my hamburger addiction, even if I have to raise the burger
      myself from a calf.

      And actually, I really like the idea of getting my eggs from the backyard.

      Maybe it's the food puppetering that is making me wierd...

      **** SUBJECT CHANGE because we are getting off topic ****

      My girlfriend spins her own wool thread. She is more into spinning and
      making of yarn then the actual weaving of garments. We were talking about
      how most Medievals wore the same outfit day in and day out until they were
      literally falling apart and NEEDED to be replaced. Now back in the day, the
      middle classes could buy a new outfit once in a while I suppose, and the
      poorer classes had to weave and sew new clothes them selves. I was talking
      about what they did with the old clothes and made rags and such, but my
      girlfriend suggested that if it was a rarer material or an unusual color of
      dye they probably did thread reclaimation and spun up and wove all new

      I found that idea facinating and I was wondering if there was any evidence
      to this in any of the surviving records. I occurs to me this could be the
      main source of all the crazy linen/wool blends we keep reading about but
      have difficulty defining.

      Any thoughts? Information? Web links out there?


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