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53679Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: NY Times article on Tudor food

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  • Dianne & Greg Stucki
    May 3, 2006
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      >> Grisly. I'm not a vegetarian, but maybe I'm a bit too urban for that
      > kind of
      >> food play to not seem like Frankenstein. I was never raised with
      > chickens, I
      >> do eat them though.
      > It's a common attitude in our modern world. Mom & dad kept the
      > chickens which I took care of, along with the pony & goats I had for
      > pets (and we nearly had goat stew for dinner after one of them
      > stripped mom's brand new holly bush!) Gramps retired to VT and raised
      > Black Angus. Most of my friends found it highly disturbing that the
      > eggs for breakfast came from the backyard, and I knew my burger by
      > name. I think it's a shame that we sanitize things so much. When
      > you're that far removed from the process, you can't appreciate what
      > goes into things.

      I wouldn't be disturbed by eggs from the backyard, but I admit, yes, I buy
      my meat products from the grocery store. I had a friend when I was a teen
      who raised beef cattle--I'll never forget the day when I asked where one of
      them was, and she pointed to the freezer!

      I have been known to threaten to make parrot stew, though, when he decides
      to take a bath and throw dirty water on me while I vacuum around his cage.

      > My two cents,
      > Isabeau
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