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53467RE: [Authentic_SCA] Re: Need some sewing guidance... turret/pillbox hats

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  • Guenievre de Monmarche
    Mar 6, 2006
      > What evidence if any, is there of hats similar to this being made of
      > felt? I am always unsure when trying to replicate a picture as to what
      > textile is actually being shown. And as you know, there is not always
      > text to explain the lovely illustrations. Sometimes it seems like a
      > choice between what would likely have been readily available and what
      > might have been available to a person of perhaps a high status (read
      > that, more money and access to imported goods) wearing it. I have come
      > to a point where I may try several materials and simply wear the best
      > replication, or all of them if they please me and look good.
      > Elyn

      I haven't been following this thread until the felt thing came up, so I'm
      not sure what time period you're thinking and this might be a bit late for
      you, but there is at least one 14th century extant felt hat that I know of -
      it was concealed in a church and is on exhibition in a little museum in
      England. Some details about it are found here:

      So obviously felt was being used for hats, even if it can't be proven that
      it was used for the "pillbox" type hats.

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