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53458Re: Need some sewing guidance... turret/pillbox hats

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  • SilverLoon2001@aol.com
    Mar 4, 2006
      << I posted some pictures from some German art from
      near the time era that show decorated fillets that appear to be
      cording. ... Elisabeth Hänsel >>

      Thank you for the additions, especially for "The Visitation." I had tried to
      get to New York to see it in person, but plans did not work out as well as I
      had hoped. Your picture is a much higher resolution than I had found before.
      Is the entire photo on-line?

      Your own first attempt really has the "stuffed" appearance of the original MS
      illuminations. Now I can see why the Communitas Monacensis added cording.
      What did you use?

      In service,
      ~ Hedewigis.
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