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53456Re: Need some sewing guidance... turret/pillbox hats

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  • Emmie
    Mar 4, 2006
      --- In Authentic_SCA@yahoogroups.com, Laura Morgan
      <valkerie1000@...> wrote:
      > you know, I always suspected that those frilled "hats" were made
      the same way that "gopherred veils" are thought by some to be
      made...with a woven edge that frilled by itself.

      IMHO, yes, with other culture like the English and French that was
      true. THe hats found in the Codex though, I believe that was some
      typ of cording or a braid. Though I am curious of the wool ruffle
      Elyn mentioned. I posted some pictures from some German art from
      near the time era that show decorated fillets that appear to be
      cording. THere are also a few folios from the Manesse Codex, to
      include one that shows a gopherred veil. It looks very different
      than the "pork pie hats" do. Again, just MHO.


      Elisabeth Hänsel
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