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53445Need some sewing guidance... turret/pillbox hats and buttons

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  • Emmie
    Mar 3, 2006
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      I have two BIG questions. I am starting work on my Manesse Codex
      outfit (finally) this weekend. Has anyone ever made a turret or
      pillbox style hat? If you have I am having a hard time (my test model
      was a touch wavy.) Second, buttons. There are buttons at the neck to
      make it a smaller opening. I have never done buttons. THe cloth
      buttons seem easy enough. THe question is how to properly position
      them. Do I just cut a slit down, roll hem it, and sew the buttons
      on? It seems ackward and like it would change the fit of the surcotte
      and/or cotte. Just looking for a bit of guidance. Will probably do a
      muslin model first so as not to waste linen. : )

      Elisabeth Hänsel
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