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53428Re: Period way to prevent fabric freying?

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  • kareina@inthe.sca.org
    Mar 1, 2006
      It may not be quite as useful in linen, but I have enjoyed playing with
      the technique mentioned in _Woven into the Earth_, which may be called
      "singling" (my copy of the book is at home, so I'm relying on my less than
      perfect memory for names), which the archaeologists didn't discover until
      the light hit the stitches just right while they were examining the edges
      of the fabric under the microscope.

      If I recall correctly, that was worked on wool, and the stitching ran in
      an undulating pattern along the edge of the fabric, effectively holding
      the outermost thread both to the ones next to it, but also to the ones
      which intersect it.

      I tried this once on a nice herringbone twill wool I'd been given, and
      then machine-washed and dried it before cutting out the tunic, and there
      was no fraying whatsoever, despite the fact that before I did the
      stitching the fabric looked like it would be easy to fray.


      Roisina wrote:

      > Can someone suggest some period ways to prevent fabric freying?
      > Normally I would use Freycheck.
      > I am making a medieval underdress in linen.
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