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52654Re: Looking for a blackwork picture...

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  • Chris Laning
    Dec 12, 2005
      I have _finally_ found and posted the oak leaf and acorn blackwork patterns that I promised a few days ago.

      They are in this group's FILES section, in a folder called "Oak_Leaves". All except the vertical pattern are guaranteed authentic (they come from an excellent source) and I am fairly sure the vertical one is as well, though I no longer remember the source. I try very hard to weed modern adaptations and modern patterns out of my "authentic patterns" folder.

      None of them may be _the_ pattern that the original searcher was looking for, but they are suggestions, anyway, and perhaps some of them may be useful. (Some will clearly be easier than others.)

      Hope this is helpful,
      (Lady) Christian de Holacombe
      Windy Meads, West Kingdom

      0 Chris Laning
      | <claning@...>
      + Davis, California
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