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52607Re: [Authentic_SCA] Looking for a blackwork picture...

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  • Chris Laning
    Dec 8, 2005
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      At 2:58 PM +0000 12/8/05, Kelley wrote:
      >I was looking through some files, photos or what-have-you on one of the
      >garb listservs I'm on the other day. I saw someone's lovely example of
      >her blackwork and an up-close picture of an oakleaf design - I think
      >there were acorns with it. I've spent two days searching and can't
      >seem to find it again. Does anyone know where it might be or have you
      >run across it?
      >The pattern was very appealing and looked simple enough for me to start
      >with. I would like to find it again. One of the pictures alongside
      >this one was of the woman who did the work in her embroidered garb, I
      >believe. It's all a memory now...

      I can think of two or three acorn-and-leaf patterns that might be the
      one you're thinking of. Some are authentic 16th-century patterns;
      others are modern.

      There's a nice one online at: http://www.blackworkarchives.com/ in
      the "Fruits and flowers" section, but as the author, Paula Marmor,
      carefully explains, "These patterns are inspired by historical
      needlework of sixteenth and seventeenth century England, but they are
      all [my] original designs." There's another leaves-and-acorns pattern
      on the same site under "Seasons."

      I'll scan a couple of the period ones and put them in an "Oak Leaves"
      folder in this group's Files section if there's room -- give me a day
      or so.

      O (Lady) Christian de Holacombe , Shire of Windy Meads
      + Chris Laning <claning@...>
      http://paternoster-row.org - http://paternosters.blogspot.com
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