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52600Looking for a blackwork picture...

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  • Kelley
    Dec 8, 2005
      I was looking through some files, photos or what-have-you on one of the
      garb listservs I'm on the other day. I saw someone's lovely example of
      her blackwork and an up-close picture of an oakleaf design - I think
      there were acorns with it. I've spent two days searching and can't
      seem to find it again. Does anyone know where it might be or have you
      run across it?

      The pattern was very appealing and looked simple enough for me to start
      with. I would like to find it again. One of the pictures alongside
      this one was of the woman who did the work in her embroidered garb, I
      believe. It's all a memory now...

      Assistance in finding it is appreciated.

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