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52515Wanted - replica mediæval Chessmen

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  • julian wilson
    Nov 18, 2005
      Greetings, good Gentles All,
      Our Group is in need of a set of replica-mediæval chessmen to use in our displays next year. Some of our Companions who haven't yet worked-up little exhibits of their own, do play chess. And with Caxton's 1474 translation & printing in English of the "Gayme and Playe of Chesse" - [which by all accounts I have read so far, turned into a mediæval "best-seller"]; - it would be entirely appropriate for some of our Group to play a game or two of chess as a mini-display before the MoP.
      The problem is that - despite extensive internet researches - and I freely admit I'm probably using the wrong " search words" - I cannot find any examples of mediævaL period sets apart from the one "everyone" seems to cite - the isle of Lewis chessmen.
      Surely there must be other surving sets from the mediæval period?
      And surely, - with so many mediæval re-enactors worldwide - some merchant[s] si/are offering other replica sets at prices that won't require we "mortgage our souls" in order to acquire such a thing?
      There are lots of other "in-period" games available, and we've bought-in some of those; we've even bought-in replica sets of mediæval playing cards - 4 different designs if I recal correctly. But no-one knows how to play the games in the accompanying instructions.
      At least with Chess, a number of Companions already know how to play, - and so all we'd need is "in-period" Chessmen.
      But other mediæval-chessmen replicas than those from the Isle of Lewis "find"? - Zilch !
      If any Listers also know of a modern replica-reprint of the Caxton book - we'd also like to have details, so that we can try to obtain a copy, for display. Yes, I know about the Project Gutenberg online version - but I'm hoping someone has done a not-to-expensive "replica reprint" that won't look too anachronistic, on-show by the Chess players.
      If Listers can suggest possible sources of supply for either or both items, our Companions will be very grateful.

      Peace be with you All, this Feast of St. Anselm; and God's Benison be upon your Houses and your Works now, - and until The Judgement.

      Yours in service,
      Julian Wilson,
      [aka. Messire Matthew Baker/Matthieu Besquer, Governor & Castellan of Jersey, 1486-1497: - "Si vis pacem, para bellum"]
      late-medieval Re-enactor; & Historian and Master Artisan to
      "The Companie of the Duke's Leopards",
      [the only medieval living-history Group
      in "olde" Jersey]

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