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  • dilitaunt
    Oct 31, 2005
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      I've been playing a lot with plant dyes lately. I thought the link
      ww.borg.com/~corgyn/dyedyarn.htm was excellent. It pretty well matched
      up with what I have seen so far.

      Aside from the fact that different monitors will show the color
      differently, we all get variations when using plant dyes. I myself have
      not been as paticular as I could be when it comes to weighing out the
      fiber/fabric vs the mordants and dyestuffs. From what I have read that
      is the only way to get consistant. And even that is relative, where the
      dyestuff comes from, when it was gathered, the water used to do the
      dyeing in. All changes things a bit.
      I know from personal experience that water from our well changes quite
      a bit depending on the time of year. It can be "harder" sometimes than
      So color is relative. One thing I can say about color... bright pink
      can happen with Brazilwood, cochineal and madder. I did a truely hot
      pink using Brazilwood with an after bath of ammonia. Whew! So those who
      tell you this is not period are mistaken. It did occur, in Western
      Europe in the 12th century.

      Speaking of which...I am re-posting the blurb for the Dye Workshop.
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