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  • Rachael
    Aug 19, 2005
      Greetings unto you all,
      I just wanted to wish each of you a brief hello, I just joined, I'm
      researching 11th/12th/13th century southern France, esp Gascogne esp
      esp Armagnac. I'm likely to spend a lot of time lurking as I listen,
      plan garb etc. I won't mention how we've just finished covering our
      modern sunshade in canvas and muslin to make it look a little more
      period as a cheap alternative to breaking down and getting a pavilion,
      but I will say our goal is to make our site and our kit steadily more
      period in nature.
      Anyway this was SUPPOSED to be brief.
      Au Revoir,
      Rachael ( Nichole de Gascogne {for now it's still an evolving persona})
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