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51428Re: [Authentic_SCA] 14th century hosen

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  • hawkhurstmanor@yahoo.com
    Aug 1, 2005
      If I may, I am new to the list but know a bit about felting/fulling. Felting is the layering of wool roving which is wet and worked wit the hands through several steps into a layer that can be cut and/or shaped. Fulling is taking a woven wool fabric or piece of knitted work and soaking and working until the fibers connect and create more of a single piece rather than a network of yarn or thread. If you have seen the recent series on the History channel being a fuller was considered one of the worst jobs in history. The fulling was done in half barrels of mixed urines and it was stomped with the feet much like grapes. Nasty....but necessary to produce a fabric without drafts.


      Laura Morgan <valkerie1000@...> wrote:
      I am not sure that they made a distinction between fulling and felting...anybody know? I always was under the impression that there were just different degrees of fulling....

      but if you want to heavilly full a woolen object, sometimes it makes it easier to throw some tennis balls into the drier with it to help it along.

      In period, they sometimes fulled ut so much that they were able to raise a nap on the surface of the fabric. way cool!

      the peirod method involved people stomping on it with their bare feet, I believe. so if you want to try the period method, you might want to get some friends involved and ply them with alchohol and some dance music.

      you just need friction, heat, and moisture...

      Melissa wrote:

      Felted wool works just as well as a garter as fulled wool, IMHO. I've
      used both, with pretty equivalent results.

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