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5102New fabrics at Fabric.com

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  • Jeanne Harney
    May 1, 2001
      OHMY...I don't know if any of you get the newsletter but today they added
      some gorgeous fabrics to the site. How would you feel about a 53% silk/47%
      cotton blend for $3.85/yard, or 18 patterns of raw silk for $6.85/yard?

      Supposedly the wools hit tomorrow...these are all in the couturier section,
      and are limited in quantity. Not all of them are in "period" patterns,
      etc...but I sew mundanely too!

      Here's the blurb from the newsletter...

      We have some very unusual new fabrics. I was able to purchase the entire
      fabric collection of one of
      America's finest couturier women's wear manufacturers. Sorry, I can not
      mention the name if I ever
      want to get their fabrics again. These are as lovely and unique fabrics as
      we have ever received.
      Most are European. They are the types of fabrics that, if you ever found in
      a shop, would cost
      you and arm and a leg. Unfortunately, quantities on most of the items are
      quite limited so I apologize in
      advance if you do not get what you want. We are adding the fabrics in
      groups. Today, it is silk, wool/rayon,
      and cotton. We have put them all in 1 section at
      Tomorrow (I hope), it will be linen, worsted wools, velvet, etc.

      Feeling a bit virtuous for telling you all about it BEFORE I buy all I

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