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50529Re: For all you authentic junky-fighters out there...

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  • lilinah@earthlink.net
    Jun 9 11:25 PM
      >It's funny that you asked about armor, since I noticed the same about
      >food. How there are many many people who are UBER careful about their
      >clothing, and yet insist on their coffee, coke, and chocolate during the

      Well, i confess i do start the day with coffee, which is plausible
      when i'm in my 16th c. Ottoman garb. But other than that i don't
      bring chocolate to events or have coffee at other times of the day. I
      hardly ever drink soda - not even once a month - although i have on
      an occasion or two in the past 6 years begged a Coke off someone
      during breakdown late on Sunday afternoon when everyone is back in
      their mundanes. That's when i get exhausted and sunburnt and i guess
      it's the combo of sugar and caffeine that gives me enough *zip* to
      get all my crap in my car and drive home safely.

      I used to cook mostly period food at events, but my back has been
      especially bad the past year, so i often don't bring my stove or
      cooler or all the pots and pans. I just eat tuna out of the can
      moistened with salad dressing... it's cold, it's boring, but at least
      i'm not injuring myself.

      Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
      the persona formerly known as Anahita
      Soylens Viridis Homines Est!
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