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50527Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: For all you authentic junky-fighters out there...

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  • kittencat3@aol.com
    Jun 9, 2005
      Hm. Lady Christian raises a good point: just what advantages *would* someone
      using modern equipment have over someone with a completely authentic kit?

      The first one that comes to mind is weight. I've seen a lot of fighters
      using gambesons made from moving pads, reworked hockey or lacross equipment, and
      either plastic or leather armor. These are all much lighter than steel, chain,
      or the medieval/Renaissance jack (three fingers' breadths of linen sandwiched
      between two layers of canvas, sometimes with steel plates sewn between the
      quilted channels). The gambesons are also thinner than the medieval versions.
      All of that adds up to a tremendous advantage for the SCA fighter over the
      medieval fighter in terms of weight and mobility, not to mention the drain on a
      fighter's energy after a few hours of sweating into the equipment.

      It's rather like the difference between the leather and kapok padding worn by
      hockey players in the Bobby Orr era and the vinyl and foam pads used today.
      Modern protective equipment weighs less than *half* what the old version does,
      particularly a goalie's leg pads (up to thirty pounds *apiece* for the old
      leather versions, which absorbed water from melting ice during play)....

      Sarah Davies

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