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50526[Authentic_SCA] Re: For all you authentic junky-fighters out there...

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  • Chris Laning
    Jun 9, 2005
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      At 1:16 PM +0000 6/9/05, Marc Lauterbach wrote:
      >However, it seems to me that
      >instead of attemping to recreate and reenact/copy medieval
      >tournaments in order to emulate what was done in the past, medieval
      >combat as we know it in the SCA has found it own little niche in the
      >recreation world and as such people go out of their way to violate
      >the spirit of original medieval tournaments/combat in order to give
      >themselves an advantage in the spots-like world of sca combat.

      Somehow I don't think that you're likely to get many people saying,
      "Yes, I do something totally inauthentic because it gives me an
      advantage in fighting over someone wearing authentic armor" on an
      authenticity-based list. <g>

      I actually don't have any idea whether modern equipment _would_ give
      an advantage, since I don't fight. Does it?

      On the whole, I would suspect that people's rationale for using
      modern stuff is probably one or more of the usual reasons: it's what
      I could find, it's what I could afford, it's the only thing that fits
      me, I don't have the knowledge to make my own, I need it because of a
      special vulnerability or past injury, I don't know where to look for
      something more authentic, or of course the classic "Hey duuuuuuude,
      isn't this s'posed to be 'bout havin' FUN??!?"

      O (Lady) Christian de Holacombe , Shire of Windy Meads
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