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50518Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: For all you authentic junky-fighters out there...

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  • Lyle H. Gray
    Jun 9, 2005
      On Thu, 9 Jun 2005, Marc Lauterbach wrote:

      > Granted, there are some ways in which it is impossible to recreate
      > medieval tournaments: mounted martial activities, whalebone swords,
      > blunted steel weapons, all of these are obviously extremely difficult
      > to recreate.

      You forgot the tournaments that were fought with wooden maces
      (the "baston" course).

      > However, that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking
      > about athletic cleats, camelbacks, fiberglass spears, basket
      > hilts, plastic armour, aluminum shields, bar grills on helms,
      > hockey gloves, and Gatorade. There are ways around all of
      > this, for example wearing nothing by steel and leather
      > armour, a closed helm, a wooden shield, full gauntlets with
      > crossguard hilts, hobnailed poulaines, and forgoing the
      > little water hose creeping up into one's helm. However, take
      > a fighter, clone him, and put one in a Fetchtbuck rig and the
      > other in Kydex with a bargrill bascinet, and I'd be willing
      > to bet that more times than not, the inauthentic clone beats
      > out the authentic one.

      I'm not going to argue most of those, except to note that bar
      grills on helms are period (Rene' d'Anjou's Book of the
      Tournament shows several).

      Also, some of the knights in that book were full plate, some
      where splinted leather. One of the illustrations shows a
      breastplate that has been perforated with holes (> 1" diameter)
      for ventilation.

      What were we talking about again? ;-)

      Lyle H. Gray
      gray@... -- text only, please
      Shared knowledge is preserved knowledge.
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