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50517Re: [Authentic_SCA] For all you authentic junky-fighters out there...

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  • Despair Bear
    Jun 9, 2005
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      --- Marc LautLauterbachlamllautewm>eduote:

      > Out of curiosity, how do you feel about applying
      > your fondness for
      > authenticity into the field of martial arts, both in
      > terms of fencing
      > and heavy fighting? While I understand on the
      > surface that this may
      > seem a patently silly question: hitting each other
      > with rattan isn't
      > exactly a period thing to do (yes yes, I know about
      > period tournaments
      > and mock battles, but still...). So my question is,
      > how far do you
      > take your authenticity on the field? Do you wear
      > fully period mild
      > steel armoarmourainless and/or leather, or modern
      > "sports" armoarmour
      > can see the arguarguementsany and all of these
      > armoarmouringferences,
      > but I was just wondering what evereveryone'sl is.
      > Matthaeus

      I try to put as much atheauthenticitymy fighting as I
      posspossibly. I use period type weapons, center bossed
      round shield 22", 30" sword blade. Period armor as
      much as possible, chain and as little plate as I can
      get away with (elbows and hands are hard to hide) my
      goal is to finish my rivirivetedichain mail make my
      armor look like a chain shirt and a helmet only. As
      for fishfightingle I try. I choose no to throw wraps
      (I do no belithinkt they are supported by period MA
      works.) and I try to do "what seems right" with my
      shield and sword rather than what I can possibly do
      with them. In war I am working on using a few
      javijavelins a 6-7' spear both of which are supported
      by the grave finds for my perspersonna is hard, the
      rules are not real period friendly so we just have to
      do what we can.


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