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50515Re: [Authentic_SCA] For all you authentic junky-fighters out there...

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  • jeffrey.heilveil@ndsu.edu
    Jun 9, 2005
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      > Out of curiosity, how do you feel about applying your fondness for
      > authenticity into the field of martial arts, both in terms of fencing
      > and heavy fighting?

      Actually, I found this terrific woodcut of Hungarian soldiers from
      more-or-less the time period I study. Since the Hungarians were in
      control of Brasov at the time, I feel pretty safe using it. I've modeled
      my mace after the footman's maces they are using, even down to the lanyard
      (YES. THEY HAVE OBVIOUS LANYARDS.). I was at the Met a couple of years
      ago and saw a shield that was constructed similarly to war-shields from
      the woodcut, so I requested detailed information on the piece, which the
      museum happily supplied. I'm working on making the shield so that I have
      that too. Unfortunately, the men in the woodcuts were helmet-less, but
      there were German Knights resident in Brasov from 1211 on and I have a
      German Salet with a 1-inch eye slit. Now, I need to pick up a full bevor,
      or I'll have to weld some steel onto the helm to cover the cheekbones, but
      it's better than nothing. In addition, I know that the pieces probably
      wouldn't have been worn together (Hungarian weapons and armor with German
      helm), but it's the best I can do under the circumstances. So that being
      said, yeah, I guess I tend to be a "freak" when it comes to armor as well.

      It's funny that you asked about armor, since I noticed the same about
      food. How there are many many people who are UBER careful about their
      clothing, and yet insist on their coffee, coke, and chocolate during the

      Cu drag,

      Jeffrey S. Heilveil, Ph.D.
      Postdoctoral Fellow
      Department of Biological Sciences
      North Dakota State University
      Stevens Hall
      Fargo, ND 58105
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