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50324Re: [Authentic_SCA] The problem with "saffron"

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  • Andrea Huwydd Lycsenbwrg
    May 9, 2005
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      --- jeffrey.heilveil@... wrote:
      > > Does anyone have a recipe for a dish made with
      > milk
      > > and saffron?
      > >
      > > Andrea
      > From what time period?

      12th century Wales. Given the dearth of period Welsh
      cookbooks, however, the approved method seems to be to
      pick up references to whatever food one can in the
      literature, look for the recipes closest in
      chronology and geography which fit the parameters
      given, and extrapolate like mad. So 13th-15th century
      English would be right on target!

      Darioles are custard pies
      > that are done with saffron.
      > But if I recall correctly, they are 13th - 15th
      > (somewhere in there. I
      > can't remember this morning, it's been a long day
      > already) English.

      A google search for "darioles" yielded a number of
      hits, all in French (which I will start learning after
      I'm reasonably competent in Middle Welsh and Latin).
      However, "daryoles" netted me a number of recipes,
      some version of which should work quite nicely. Thaks
      for the tip.

      Given that the Welsh did not have "bread", that is,
      wheat bread (English/French commentators did not feel
      that flat oakcakes qualified) the Little People would
      most likely have made a crustless custard. Did they
      have eggs? Elidyr doesn't mention any sort of
      domestic fowl, but I suppose one could postulate
      either wild bird eggs or eggs "borrowed" from their


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