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50309Re: [Authentic_SCA] The problem with "saffron"

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  • Andrea Huwydd Lycsenbwrg
    May 6, 2005
      Whew! I now know more about saffron than was ever
      dreamt of in my philosophy. But no one answered why
      Elidyr's Little People were so fond of it, and I just
      stumbled across a plausible answer myself....According
      to the Physicians of Myddvai (South Wales, 13th
      century), "If you would be at all times merry, eat
      saffron in meat or drink, and you will never be sad;
      but beware of eating over much, lest you should die of
      excessive joy." So if the Folk spent all their time
      in feasting, dancing, and merry-making, the saffron
      fits right would be a big help.

      Does anyone have a recipe for a dish made with milk
      and saffron?


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