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50265Artisans gallery at Kalamazoo

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  • Chris Laning
    May 1, 2005
      If anyone's going to be at the International Congress on Medieval
      Studies at Kalamazoo this coming week, I wanted to mention that
      DISTAFF (the group that sponsors textile sessions) will be holding an
      open "Artisans' gallery" at Kalamazoo this year. This is (cribbing
      shamelessly from the program) "an exhibition of reproduction textile
      and dress items, handmade using medieval methods and materials. Items
      will include textiles, decorative treatments, dress accessories, and
      a working reproduction of a Viking loom. Exhibitors will demonstrate
      techniques and be available to discuss the use of historic evidence
      in reproducing artifacts of material culture."

      The display will be open to the public starting at 5:45 on Friday in
      Fetzer 1045, the room adjacent to DISTAFF's last Friday session.

      I will, alas, not be there personally this year, but my reproduction
      rosaries will: fourteen of them, with documentation, pictures and
      notes, including one from Alanus de Rupe's 1492 rosary manual.

      Everyone is also, of course, warmly invited to the four DISTAFF
      sessions: Friday at 10:00AM, 1:30 and 3:30PM, and Sunday at 8:30AM.
      The only SCA presenter whose name I immediately recognize this year
      is Constance Fairfax (Katherine Terlep), who has a paper in the 3:30
      session on "Clothes Make the Man: The Transition from Juvenile to
      Adult Clothing in the Paintings of Pieter Bruegel the Elder," but
      there may be others whose names I don't know. (About half the people
      I've met through DISTAFF turn out to be SCA Laurels :)

      The complete Congress schedule is at:


      O (Lady) Christian de Holacombe , Shire of Windy Meads
      + Chris Laning <claning@...>
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