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49983oh, those reeds

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  • ladynorelle
    Apr 7, 2005
      I had a sneaky suspition that's what we were talking about. I have,
      oh, maybe twenty pounds of the stuff laying around my house right
      this minute. Having never made anything with boning, I'm only
      guessing here, but I would think you'd have lots and lots left over
      from the coil when you were done. When you do decide to break down
      and buy some, let me know. I can either just mail you some that I
      have (if I have the right size at the right time) or direct you to
      one of my online suppliers, where you'll save some cash.

      Norelle, whose eyes always bug out of her head when she see anyone
      selling/buying reed for more than six bucks a pound

      > See www.caning.com. Kass said she used the 1mm in bunches for one
      > corset, and 2 lengths of 1/4" split for another.
      > My calculations indicate that the 1/4 part of the narrow foot om my
      > sewing machine will make channels which will hold a 5/32 diameter
      > cane, (doing this from memory, I think that's right) so that's
      > probably what I'll be getting.
      > Gillian (who really needs to quit using purchases as an excuse for
      > not getting off *her* lazy rear, and start *making* something)
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