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49449Renaissance Art for the underage--OT

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  • Hasoferet@aol.com
    Mar 5 12:13 PM
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      Off topic, but people here will know...

      I teach middle school. My kids are currently struggling through the
      Renaissance. I found a cool activity I can modify for my English Language Learner crew,
      where you look at classical, medieval and Renaissance art to see the
      differences and similarities, and pick out themes.

      The problem: naked people. The classical and Renaissance stuff offered by the
      curriculum I found is full of NAKED PEOPLE. (Yes, duh, but there it is.) Bare
      bottoms. Breasts. Full frontal male nudity. A beautiful Roman statue of
      Venus, wearing nothing at all, coyly covering her nipples.

      The activity was written for middle school students, but they must have been
      more mature middle school students than mine, in a school district more
      relaxed than mine. Some of this I can fix--they can look at the David from the hips
      up and still ge the idea, hell, I could put shorts on him and make it a
      joke--but does anyone have pointers to online photos of

      a. Classical sculpture showing natural realistic human figures with clothes

      b. Renaissance art on classical themes where people have clothes on?

      The clothes do not need to be all-encompassing, just enough that you could
      sunbathe in public in them and not be arrested.

      The medieval stuff is great. We have a chunk of the Bayeux Tapestry, and a
      Cimabue altarpiece, and everyone has CLOTHES on. Lots of clothes. It's very

      I just don't have the energy to send letters home saying I want to show naked
      men in class, then deal with screaming when they actually see a painted
      backside or worse, a bronze willy.


      (Raquel never has trouble like this. She only teaches the smallest boys, and
      once they learn the alef-bet and how to read the prayerbook, they're off to
      real school. When the girls ask about sex in their Bible class, she tells them.
      Why not? They'll be getting married in a few years, they should know. Another
      time, another place...)
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