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49419RE: [Authentic_SCA] corded petticote questions

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  • Rob Lewis
    Feb 28, 2005
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      When my wife made her first one for civil war use we used one long piece of
      cord, at the end of each "hoop" I had it cross over and drop down to the
      next hoop, there was very little gap in the casing for the cord to enter and

      Another solution would be to sew the ends together, just overlap them by 2"
      or so, and stich through them so they are sewn together.

      We were using fairly stiff jute cord, so that may have been less bulky then
      whatever you are using.


      From: msgilliandurham [mailto:msgilliandurham@...]
      Sent: Monday, February 28, 2005 4:17 PM
      To: Authentic_SCA@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [Authentic_SCA] corded petticote questions

      Greetings to the list --

      I've poked around on costume.dm.net, and the sites and dress diaries
      linked to it, and searched Google, and I'm not seeing the answers to
      the following questions -- so if someone could point me in the right
      direction, or answer these questions from their own experience, that
      would be *wonderful*.

      All the explanations of making corded petticotes talk about using
      cotton muslin or broadcloth, or an equivalent weight in a linen
      fabric. The linen-cotton blend I bought got thicker and softer when
      I pre-shrank it* (hey, what do I know, I'm still learning about
      linen). I'm thinking it would be safer to go with cotton muslin (of
      which I have scads) since I really need to get these puppies cranked
      out, can't afford 100% linen, and am very reluctant to go with a
      linen-rayon blend for underpinnings -- I'm thinking it would be too
      hot for summer. Anyone here have any thoughts on this dilemma?

      How do you connect and/or finish the ends of the cord hoops? I keep
      thinking you need to splice them somehow, or you will have a big
      lump where the two ends come together and overlap, and the seams of
      your petticote will look like vertebra :-) Or do you make the
      casings for the cording so tight that the ends of the cording stay
      together on their own? or do you somehow sew each end into the
      cording so the ends stay put?

      Thanks, Gillian Durham

      *PS -- thanks to all who warned me to strenuously pre-shrink this
      stuff! It's great soft fabric, and was only $2 a yard, so I'm sure
      I'll find something to use it for.

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