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49235Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: Shoes?

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  • Elizabeth Walpole
    Feb 10, 2005
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      > > You know, people yell at me when I wear two inch heels (I'm
      > 6'1").
      > > That one set of chopines was just scary!
      > Lol! I know! I'm infinitely impressed by the European women that
      > walk around in spike heels on these cobblestone streets; I'm just
      > not that coordinated/graceful, and those shoes have nothing on
      > chopines. I'd break something!
      > As far as the chopines go, I think I would have just stayed indoors
      > instead of trying to slosh through the flooded streets of Venice in
      > those bad boys. There's no way I'd make it to my destination
      > without falling in the water :-> But I'm seriously contemplating
      > some baby chopines for those wet squishy events that always seem to
      > turn the hem of my dress brown/black (the main reason my black
      > velvet guards are now getting extentions that take them all the way
      > to the bottom of the skirt). Three cheers for period galoshes!
      > Melissa :o)

      But the really dramatic chopines were a fashion statement not actually
      practical for keeping your skirt out of the mud, because the skirts were cut
      to chopine length not bare-foot length, a lot of period cultures had various
      types of wooden shoes that lifted you up out of the mud and stopped the
      soles of your shoes wearing out as fast (IIRC you can see a pair in the
      background of the Arnolfi wedding portrait) but chopines took the practical
      element of keeping your hem & shoes clean and threw it out to make a fashion
      statement instead.
      Elizabeth Beaumont Elizabeth Walpole
      in OR in
      Politarchopolis, Lochac Canberra, Australia
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