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  • mdb1771
    Feb 6, 2005
      I recently took a daytrip to Frankfurt to visit a leather museum I'd
      heard about from a friend, and I (of course) took copius amounts of
      pictures. I'll go ahead and apologize in advance for the format;
      I've been meaning to get a website of my own together for ages and
      just haven't gotten around to it. I put the images from the
      museum's 16th century Italian shoe section up on my web server for
      you though. Most of them are of chopines (384-406), but the last
      two shoes are normal everyday shoes. The pictures are in their
      original size (about 500k per) so it might take a while to view them
      all. Also, it's really hard to tell sometimes on the little LCD
      screen on my camera if the picture is fuzzy when you take it, and
      angles can sometimes be awkward when you're nose is up against the
      glass and the attendant is giving you a wary look. Eventually they
      just determine that I'm a harmless nut case and move on ;-) I tried
      to zoom in on all the relavant/interesting bits as well, so they
      might not make much sense out of order.


      If you're interested in more details, contact me off list and I'll
      hunt down the museum book I purchased and scan in some more
      pictures. Right now I'm going to bed though; it's almost 1am and I
      have work tomorrow! Hope this helps some,

      Melissa :o)
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