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  • Tiffany Brown / Lady Teffania Tukerton
    Jan 9, 2005
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      --- In Authentic_SCA@yahoogroups.com, Luiseach@a... wrote:

      > I came across a reference to a "Gothic window" shoe. Can anyone
      tell me what
      > that is?

      A random guess - I've never heard this term used, but if I was making
      up terms, i might use it for the following (only in a 12th C context):

      There's a style of shoe found in mid-late 12th C illuminations (so
      late romanesque, leading into early gothic) that has one large large
      cut out section on the top of the vamp (a window?). It's only shown
      in very high ranking males. They are quite consistant in the
      pictures, as is the vamp stripe style that coexists with it. Although
      the extant vamp stripe shoes look just like their illustrations, the
      shoes with cut outs I've heard of so far have much smaller, irregular
      cut outs.

      There's one pair shown here:

      please tell us if you work out what it is.
      (very amateur cordwainer, but obesssive 12th C geek)
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