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  • Saerlaith ingen Ruadan
    Jan 7, 2005
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      Municipal laws against urban chickens is one big factor in choosing my new
      home. In some places you need a 1 acre lot to keep livestock in the city
      limits, and they consider chicken the same as cattle. Ick! Seattle has a
      couple of organizations just to encourage backyard chicken keeping.

      As far as I can tell, my current (and hopefully permanent) town has rather
      common sensical laws. 50 foot setbacks for animal pen/stable/coop/hive, and
      proper fencing. Any neighbor complaints get you a visit from the law to see
      if you are keeping them properly. Much better than a blanket "No" policy.
      From what the guy at city hall told me, they don't really have a set policy
      and you pretty much just get your chickies and be polite to your neighbors
      in how you keep them.


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      > Three words: Home Owner's Association.
      > Check your neighborhood regs, or HOA regs BEFORE you decide to keep
      > chickens. Ours SPECIFICALLY prohibits keeping poultry.

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