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  • Saerlaith ingen Ruadan
    Jan 3, 2005
      Thanks for the advice. I come from a farm family, dealt with cows & goats as
      a youth on Grandpa's farm & know all about the milking requirements
      involved. The only livestock I actually bought & cared for myself were the
      chickens & pony, but I've spent the past year & a half on my own farm
      researching possible milk/fiber/meat animals.

      I know the realities of pasture management and veterinary risks involved
      with keeping any critter, and that it's not something you run out and pick
      up on errand day.

      Hence my yet further research before committing to the upkeep of another
      beastie. I was hoping someoen out there might have a secret breed of magical
      cow or goat that ate nothing but dandelions and stickers, milked itself,
      rubbed long, soft, clean hair off on convenient fenceposts for me to collect
      when I stepped out to bring in the full fresh milk pail.

      Guess I'm back to the drawing board with earthly four-leggeds 8- ) If I get
      a cow, it will be a Dexter or small/mini Jersey. Maybe Nigerian Dwarf for
      milking goat, and an angora for company. I don't know enough about sheep yet
      to have sussed out a breed, and I'm thinking goats are more my style anyway.
      I actually milked plenty of goats when I was a kid, so maybe I still have a

      In the meantime, I'll be lucky to find more than a broke down travel trailer
      in a mudpatch with my housing budget, so I have plenty of hunting to do this
      spring 8- ))


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      > At 10:07 AM 1/2/2005 -0800, you wrote:
      > >That's a great idea! I really want some kind of cow, but that's a whole
      > >nother magnitude of house purchase.
      > YES. Unless you can use more than a gallon of milk per day
      > (conservatively), do not get a cow.
      > >My livestock experience is with poultry and one pony, so trying to
      > >maintain a milk animal might be a bit much.
      > Unless you can devote yourself to milking the animal twice a day, every
      > single day, do not get a milk animal. Also be aware of local ordinances
      > regarding animals and potential odor issues.
      > >I will definitely buy wool to
      > >spin til I see if I like it. And I can see finding land enough for a
      > >goat/sheep combo.
      > Doesn't take much -- just an acre or two is fine if you pen them and give
      > them feed. We don't have pasture land here (too brushy and hilly and the
      > soil's too poor to support good grassland) so I primarily give them
      > alfalfa, 2 big or 3 little flakes a day for the 3 animals (1 goat 2 sheep,
      > none fresh at the moment). Sometimes I throw in brush trimmings, and in
      > next couple months we hope to put up a temporary electric fence so they
      > clear some brush below the house.
      > >This is a really cool site for reading about rare livestock breeds -
      > >http://www.albc-usa.org/about.htm
      > An excellent resource, especially for info and breeders of period breeds.
      > - Willow MacPherson

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