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47338Re: [Authentic_SCA] SCA Sumptuary Laws and Customs vs. Authenticity

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  • Willie Walter
    Sep 3, 2004
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      --- bronwynmgn@... wrote:
      > While most people may see it that way, in most
      > kingdoms red for a squire's
      > belt is not a matter of law, but only of custom,
      > whereas the white belt for
      > knights is reserved by Society law. There are some
      > areas, parts of Atlantia for
      > examples, where squire's belts are sometimes blue
      > due to the influence of a
      > particular household that uses that.

      For awhile, I thought that apprentices' belts were
      typically blue, thanks to a friend who is apprenticed
      to the matriarch of that same household. (At least,
      I'm guessing it's the same household.) It made sense
      to me at the time: "Her apprentice belt is blue.
      Therefore, most-if-not-all apprentice belts--at least
      in Atlantia--are blue." :) My friend corrected my
      faulty assumption, telling me it's a household custom.

      Grainne ingen Lugdach
      Shire of Roxbury Mill

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