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47329Re: linings (was: Digest Number 2590)

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  • dona_violante
    Sep 2, 2004
      > Ah, I do have this one. I was just confused by the description
      > "Moorish", given that I have it cataloged among ecclesiastical
      > vestments (which it is by function, and to some extent by design).

      Dodds asserts that the tunic is of "wholly Muslim manufacture",
      though I don't know what she's basing that on. I do know, however,
      that when I make tunics for myself based on the same proportions and
      cut, I end up with a garment which looks remarkably like the
      miniatures from the 13th century. For instance, the brocaded card
      weaving on the shoulder seams actually falls at the upper arm - the
      exact same place where tiraz are shown in the Bayad wa Riyad, the
      Cantigas de Santa Maria, and the Book of Games.

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