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46040Re: [Authentic_SCA] RE: medieval window screens

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  • Dianne & Greg Stucki
    Jul 6, 2004
      ----- Original Message -----
      From: "Willow Polson" <willow@...>
      > As a lifelong CA resident, every CA house I've ever lived in has had
      > windowscreens (except that lovely Victorian, but then we just got the
      > framed kind you place in an open window. I suspect that the reason the TV
      > shows and movies don't usually have window screens is because you can't
      > film through them, just like the absence of rear view mirrors in movie
      > cars. TV and movies aren't real.

      They're not? Oh, darn. ;-)

      What I meant was (besides the fact that you can't have a character climbing
      in or out of a screened window, at least not easily) was that people tend to
      think of things in the way that is most common to them. To someone who
      doesn't normally use screens, they wouldn't think to put them in. To me, the
      absence of them is jarring/
      > - Willow (Hollywood is just a bunch of regular people, trust me)

      My oldest and dearest friend who introduced me to the SCA is an aspiring
      screenwriter. If he is at all typical, trust me, they ain't regular people!!

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