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45983Re: Medical treatments (vita D)

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  • faena0216
    Jun 30, 2004
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      Butter contains "true vitamin A or retinol, vitamin D, vitamin K and
      vitamin E as well as all their naturally occurring cofactors needed
      to obtain maximum effect. Butter is America's best source of these
      important nutrients. In fact, vitamin A is more easily absorbed and
      utilized from butter than from other sources" from Nutr Week, Mar 22,
      1991, 21:12:2-3

      The best butter in terms of nutrition is that obtained from cattle
      allowed to graze at will on pasture. the butter is extreamly yellow
      in this case, not the near white we see in modern commercial
      varieties. So the medieval population had much better nutrition,
      actually, than we do.

      I hold that many of the ills of today are caused by our poor eating
      habbits, and from processed foods. Afterall, laborers worked from sun
      up to sun down in the Medieval period, doing repetitive tasks, and
      carpel tunnel syndrom is a new pehenomenon as are other ills.
      Weavers, especially, do repetitive work (throwing the shuttle for
      hours on end) and we hear about Weaver's Bottom but not any other

      Nancy M McKenna
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