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  • aheilvei
    Jun 30, 2004
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      > And if you can think of other ways to draw out an infection, I'd
      love to know.

      My grandmother always used this stuff called 'black salve' and
      that's what it was.. a salve that was black as midnight. It was
      sometimes called 'drawing salve' because it drew out infection as
      well as particles that may have been caught in the skin (bits of
      dirt that got deeply into a scratch and caused it to be infected, or
      splinters). I honestly would love to know the make up of this salve
      to have some on hand because it was pure *magic* within 48 hours of
      putting this stuff on (and keeping it on) nearly all infection and
      such was always gone from a wound.

      On the period front, Mistress Iasmine of the Middle Kingdom would be
      the person I would speak with on the topic of medicines and herbals.
      She knows more great period 'cures' than I can even imagine. You can
      find her email on the Middle Kingdom Laurel website (available off
      of the Middle Kingdom main webpage) or the Barony of Roaring Wastes
      website, as she is Baroness of that territory. Let us know what she
      gives you for 'cures'. (She's also one of the most gracious and kind
      people I've ever had the honor to call friend.)

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