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45970Medical treatments

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  • ladymorwenna
    Jun 30 8:27 AM
      Greetings all,

      I've been pondering medival medical treatments and the effectiveness
      (or not) of them.

      WARNING: the following might be slightly gross and TMI.

      I have an infected sore on one leg and the doctor has decided not to
      prescribe antibiotics because I was on a massive course of them
      (including the hot new anthrax drug, lucky me) early in the year. To
      fight the infection with drugs would involve unpleasant side-effect
      and probably future resistance to the drug.

      So what was I to do? Vinegar. Apparently the bacteria doesn't like an
      acid environment, so I was prescribed vinegar compresses.

      I think it's even working, albeit slowly.

      So this got me thinking about medieval (or medieval sounding) remedies
      that actually work. Anyone know any?

      And if you can think of other ways to draw out an infection, I'd love
      to know.

      Painfully yours,
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