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  • Lyle H. Gray
    Jun 1, 2004
      On Tue, 1 Jun 2004, Jane Stockton wrote:

      > At 03:00 PM 29/05/2004, you wrote:
      > >Last weekend at An Tir Crown, during court (which was indoors), there were
      > >many people taking photos using flash photography. This caused my beloved
      > >(who is from Lochac) to remark "Ever notice how courts tend to happen
      > >during thunderstorms with all the lightning flashes going on?"
      > >
      > >--Kareina
      > Karenina,
      > IKA showing its head again!! Generally, flash photography
      > only happens when specifically approved (usually by an
      > announcement at the start of court).

      Indeed. In East Kingdom law, flash photography is explicitly
      forbidden in the "central area" of any event. Explicit law
      cannot be rescinded by a declaration in court: "The Crown's word
      has the force of law except where it conflicts with East Kingdom
      Law or the Governing Documents of the Society."

      Lyle H. Gray
      gray@... -- text only, please
      Shared knowledge is preserved knowledge.
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