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  • Cornelia
    May 29, 2004
      Hi Bogdan,

      When you go to Thomas Gloning's website and look into the "Koch vnd
      Kellermeysterey" link (1566) the recipe there for "Brombeer or
      Weigselmus" is almost identical to your recipe in
      the "Kuchenmeysterey" and states clearly that: "mehl(flour) and milk
      are to be mixed well". Since you pass the ground blackberries and
      the mixed-in bread through a sieve together, I am not too sure about
      the thickening properties of the result.... In any case, since they
      recommend the addition of milk when too thick, (the pan is supposed
      to be greased so it won't burn) I am sure it was not too uncommon,
      particularly if there are no defined amounts....

      Mus does not necessarily have to be passed through a sieve,
      Apfelmus, for example if made with the right apples, that will
      completely fall apart when cooked, will not contain pieces and is
      technically still a compote, yet called "mus". Jam made from plums
      is also called "Pflaumenmus" and doesn't have to be passed through a
      sieve. It's probably regionally different as well, a speciality in
      Northern Germany, Ruebenmus, is made with turnips and carrots which
      are cooked and then mashed together, it usually contains very small
      pieces of turnip and carrot in their "normal" state, yet it's
      called "mus" again. I don't think the use of the word is written in

      You are of course right with the Umlaut etc, but the use of an
      Umlaut in the manuscript does not necessarily mean there was one.
      The "Koch vnd Kellermeysterey" book actually uses the Umlaut and
      the "sz" in the word (also note the "v" instead of the "u"
      for "und", it would still have been the same word then as now, but
      in writing, the letter "v" was generally used for "u" and "v",
      see "double-u=vv=W).

      Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.


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