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45475Re: some foodly thoughts

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  • azilisarmor
    May 28, 2004
      The moose/mousse/mues looks like it'd be absolutely wonderful! I'd
      like to try making some... Could you, maybe, when you have time,
      puh-leeeze, explain a little bit better how to make this stuff????


      --- In Authentic_SCA@yahoogroups.com, Jeffrey Heilveil
      <heilveil@u...> wrote:

      > BLACKBERRY MOOSE (sorta moose. More like mues)
      > From Kuchenmeysterey (1486)
      > Stoss blackberries in a mortar. Do whitebread and drive
      > through a sieve. Take "melb" and milk that are well twisted.
      > Mix together in a pan. "Rur" it well over a fire and don’t
      > oversalt it. It becomes a brown mues. Put ginger in it. Add
      > some fat if it is sticking (VERY loose translation), if it is
      > too thick, add milk.
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      would it?"
      > - Albert Einstein
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