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44889Re: [Authentic_SCA] How Authentic is Normal?

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  • Ro
    May 3, 2004
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      Come to Bright Hills (Northernmost Barony in Atlantia). We have Mongols,
      Venetians, Florentines, Elizabethan's, Anglo-Saxon, Viking, even Japanese,
      and all of us trying for more and greater authenticity in each succeeding

      Not that I'm biased or anything, you understand.

      an interactive D&D game! Great Fun
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      Subject: [Authentic_SCA] How Authentic is Normal?

      > I just joined the SCA last month and have just recently attended my
      > first court function. I was a bit concerned because I was very much
      > out of period in dress - just a doublet and a sword I happened to
      > already have plus a feather in my hat to signal that I was at least
      > trying.
      > However, with very, very few exceptions, my minimal garb was
      > more 'period' than most of what I saw. And I'm talking senior folks,
      > barons, knights etc.
      > It seems that most SCAians think slavic peasant garb equals
      > authentic medieval. The most common 'outfit' observed was heavy
      > black biker boots or brown hippy Indian laceup boots, baggy pants
      > (sweats or plaid pajama-like) and a tunic that looked like something
      > a 19th century slavic peasant might wear to market day. This in no
      > way equates to what I think was wore 'in-period'. I'm new to the SCA
      > but not to either interest in the medieval period or to the ability
      > to research a subject. (I can't comment regarding the female attaire
      > as I haven't researched it at all)
      > Is basic slavic peasant attire kind of the norm? The heavy black
      > boots are very masculine in an American 'Rebel without a Cause' sort
      > of way, but nothing like court dress in the medieval period. I had
      > intended to aim for something more authentic - gown, tights and
      > pointed shoes. As a result of my visit to court, I feel perfectly
      > free to go for something sort of a cross between Heavy Metal fantasy
      > medieval and BDSM leathers.
      > But, I'm curious. Do other regions dress 'in-period'?
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