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41More Japanese textiles, sigh....

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  • Stephen Higa
    Jan 16, 2001
      Lady Fujiwara:

      I thought I read something on your website about tye-died indigo fabrics. I
      couldn't find it again, however, so I was wondering whether you said it was
      or was not period; namely, 16th c. I'm making a peasant's coat (with many
      patches and utilitarian--not decorative--stitching all over it), and found a
      scrap of the stuff at a Japanese fabric store . . . would it be appropriate
      to use it, or should I hold off?

      Oh, also: I recently picked up a book, "Popular Songs and Ballads of Han
      China" by Anne Birrell. I haven't read it yet, but the book summary says
      "In this study, one of the leading specialists in classical Chinese
      literature introduces readers to a repertoire of seventy-seven songs and
      ballads (yueh-fu) of early imperial China [the Han Dynasty lasted from 202
      BC to AD 220]. Each song-text is
      newly translated and fully annotated and explicated. Anne Birrell deals
      systematically with problems of the earliest sources, attribution, textual
      variants, meter, and structure. Her introductory essay provides a valuable
      sociohistorical context for this material." It doesn't appear that she
      talks too much about the actual music, but rather talks about the genre and
      specific examples in the same way many studies deal with British folk
      Well! let¹s go
      snow-viewing till
      we tumble!

      --Matsuo Basho
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