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40Re: Fwd: Lady Jehanne de Wodeford's greetings

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  • Stephen Higa
    Jan 16, 2001
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      > Ah, a lady of my acquaintance also hails from al
      > Andaluz. Dona Ana Ravaya de Guzman is a talented
      > singer and poet. I expect to see her this weekend at
      > East Kingdom Twelfth Night and will mention this venue
      > to her as I'm sure from her work she will be
      > interested.

      Mucho vos lo gradesco.

      > I prefer troubadour or minstrel, which are closer to
      > what I do. Don't get me started on drunken louts who
      > do SCA karaoke or the Dumbekistan Drum and Drum Corps.
      > ;->

      Hee hee, my friend and I are always lamenting the lack of ANYTHING
      (ethnically accurate--not even necessarily period--dancing and
      costume, clothing) in the belly-dancers' circle.

      > We'll see. I will be as a stranger in a strange land.
      > Surely there is someone in the cradle of SCA
      > civilization who does period music.

      Well, rest assured that I do only period music. Most from around my
      period (12th c.) and in my area (Spain).

      > Nonetheless, I am
      > frantically copying sheet music before I leave. If
      > Golden Rivers doesn't yet have a choir I may have to
      > start one.

      Good! My dream is to put on a Mystery or Passion play, so we may
      recruit you guys for that. :) My other dream is to re-create a
      medieval Andalusian entertainment night with music, poetry,
      shadow-plays, dancers, etc... :)
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