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39409Re: [Authentic_SCA] Armor question

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  • Despair Bear
    Jan 2, 2004
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      --- Kareina Talvi Tyt�r <kareina@...> wrote:
      > I'd go with:
      > C) Armor that is made from leather or metal or
      > other things available in
      > that period, but then cover it with the garb to give
      > the correct overall
      > look for that period. But given a choice between
      > hidden plastics, and
      > hidden pieces (like knees and elbows) made of
      > materials they _could_ have
      > used if they wanted to protect their knees and
      > elbows, I'd go with the
      > period materials! Remember, well hidden is well
      > hidden when the kit is
      > new, but during use things can get damaged, and the
      > plastics might show
      > thorough a hole. (I've also got the Oerthan bias
      > against plastics, which
      > have a nasty habit of shattering when struck in
      > extreme cold temperatures!)
      > --Kareina

      The problem is that the plate armor necessary for
      those spots is not represented anywhere in the
      archaeological evidence, in my mind not making it
      really any better that plastics. Also, yes plastics
      can shatter in the cold but not all plastics are
      subject to that flaw.

      Godric Of Castlemont

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