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  • MMM
    Dec 4, 2003
      Not SCA skills, but I'm making soaps and lotions and bubble bath and
      truffles and candy.

      I *found* the coolest cookies at a bakery which will require creativity.
      The ones for my single gal pals will be packed with bath goodies,
      truffles and a trashy novel. The ones for guys will be similar buy
      guy-ish. There is even a UPS guy for my parents' dog, who once -and
      only once- bit the UPS guy. (UPS guy in question was OK with it - she
      only mouthed him. The regular UPS lady brought dog cookies as tribute
      and the sub didn't know.) I love holiday prezzies and especially
      creative ones.

      Bonus - Calum was old enough to help with the tree this year and will be
      helping the candy-making.


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      > Hi everyone,
      > With pocketbooks being tight all over this year, I was wondering what
      > people are making for holiday gifts this year?
      > I've bound books for my two sisters-in-law and I'm in the process of
      > binding two more for my sisters. I'm going to do an illumination for
      > mother with a Psalm verse on it (I know she'll like the verse). These
      > gifts only cost me my time and materials that I had on hand.
      > Anyone else making use of their SCA skills to bring warmth to others
      in the
      > holiday season?
      > Smiles,
      > Despina
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