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39029Re: Robin Netherton visits the Philadelphia area!

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  • Marc Carlson
    Dec 1, 2003
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      --- In Authentic_SCA@yahoogroups.com, "aheilvei" <aheilvei@u...> wrote:
      > ...Like I said people, I don't have anything against her or her
      > research, just take it with the same pinch of salt you take
      > everything else.
      > Marc, you didn't put anything in my mouth with your last post, I
      > agree with what you said.

      Okie dokie :)

      Which means that probably everyone should take a deep breath and avoid
      posting for an hour or so after reading all the other mail in this
      thread, because no one's being overly critical here by suggesting a
      little critical thinking.

      I will say if you are curious about why Robin doesn't publish - ask
      her. My observation is that she's trying really hard to get
      published, but because of the limited available spaces in academic
      journals that have any interest in her topic, she's having to wait her
      turn and do the slogging through. [in my case, otoh, I've been sucked
      in by the demons of the Internet since it's so much easier to just put
      up another wrb site, and revise the old ones, then it is to go through
      that whole publication dance (in a much more limited field) every time
      something new comes up. But that's MY problem. OTOH, that does
      remind me I have an article on lasts to write FOR publication... ]

      Just remember, if Publication was -easy- it wouldn't be a requirement
      for tenure....

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